Happy new blog!!! (and a year)

We all started a new year at midnight last night, and this very moment I start a new project in my life- A blog about a personal sense of style and fashion!!!

I L-O-V-E fashion and some people can testify I really do, but at the same time some will say i’m not the most fashionable person they know…well I don’t want to be!!!

I belive I have my own sense of style and every post here will show my style in small doses, I hope you would like my point of view of the fashion world and don’t get me wronge I follow the fashion trends, shows and updates and a-l-o-t!!!

with a every post I’ll feed you with some of my style…but just in a

Little doses of style

A Christmas look

Here is my Christmas look, as you can see here in Israel we don’t have snow at all (only up in the northern mountains) so it’s mostly rainy winter!!!

By the way I was picking some Kumquats (but I call them baby oranges)

I wear a purple dress with Christmas printing (from TNT), white pashmina scarf (from china town NYC), light brown boots (from NYC), beige sweater (from my mom) and native style bracelets (from Canada)

the pictures were taken by my friend Liron (thank you Lironi)


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