V for…velvet ?!?!

Heavy texture, very dominant and light years away from being called modern…bur at the same time so smooth, rich and the noblest fabric there is- ladies and gentlemen I give you

The Velvet!!!

Last February the velvet was seen at all of the fashion shows, where most of the designers and brands presented their Fall-Winter 2011-12 collections. They introduced the velvet in different styles, designes and mixtures

– even in the simplest design velvet can look rich, expensive and noble ( as long as you wear it in the right way)

Vera Wang

Ralph Lauren

Dolce & Gabbana


Christian Dior


Becouse of it’s heavy texture- the best way to buy and wear velvet items is in minimalism and clean cuts => this way the total look won’t look overloaded and it will be easy to match to it every item.

When it comes to velvet I prefer the winter colors like: navy blue, burgundy, bottle green and black. In light colores velvet can be tricky and you should be very careful becouse most of the time velvet in light colores can  look too cheap.

Here is one suggestion to mix the velvet in your daily wardrobe:

 (made via Polyvore)

For thos of you that afraid or just don’t like velvet being to dominant, you can add velvet accessory to your look:

 (made via Polyvore)

Here is my choice of wearing velvet:

as you can see I’m like a bird in this picture ( a very shocked bird- after all first time flying)

I chose to wear my navy blue velvet dress with: blue leggings (from golden lady), chunk heel shoe in blue and brown, gray scarf (from grama),  “winter cloros” printed shirt (from Castro) and a off white Guess wallet!


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