Antiquated- is one of the names it’s been called

Retro- is one of the association it has

Immortal- is what I think it is

The polka dot trand is here!!!  

(but let’s admit it, the polka dot never realy left)

The simple polka dot is the signatur of the girlish and cute charectar : Mini mouse

But the polka dots trand is much more then that or it would’t be in almost every fashionable clost, right?

The polka dots trand was primary in the Carolina Herrera’s collections in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Later it gradually started disappear but not entirely and we could still see the polka dots here and there. In the fall-winter 2011-12  fashion shows the polka dot was marked as a leading trand, but in the Marc Jachob’s collection the polka dot was the main player!

Marc Jechob showed us that the simple polka dot can be transformed and used in different styles ans occasions, according to Marc Jacob the polka dot can work in all kinds of matches.

For thos who bold: he presented a variety of polka dots- from big dots to small ones, from black-and-white  to dots in mixed colores.

For the less adventurers: he showed the dots can be worn in the form of an accessory, and matched to casual daily look.

(an example for poka dots accessories)

I believe that at least one item of polka dots should be in every closet, if you afraid it won’t be good in future season – you can get a polka dot item in a traditional classic black-and-white colores ( you can never go wronge with classic)

Here some classic black-and-white items:

(made via Polyvore)

Here some suggestions to mix this Immortal trand with your wardrobe: 


daily look

Here are some pictures of my choice to mix the polka dots in a daily, casual look:

Gray polka dots shirt (boutique in Toronto), white blazer (boutique in Montreal), white wash jeans (Tomy Hilfiger), white-and-gray sneakers (Reebok), white pashmina scarf (chinatown NYC)

check out the cat-

the cat ans the sneakers

I’m happy, the cat is suprised!!


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