The color of l-o-v-e

Richness, warmthe and passion come to mind when I see RED

Red is a color with a statement, it can be bold and dominant and it can be calm and harmonic. Wearing red says alot depending on the “how” and “where” you wear it:

Warm and welcoming-

Enticing and passionate-

Energethic and alive-

My favourite tone of red is Scarlet, but this season red can look great in all of its’ shades- from light red to maroon.

Here you can see one way to wear red:

(made via Polyvore)

If wearing red like this is to mutch for you, here some accessories that can upgrade any look and make it more interesting:

I decided to let red R-O-C-K in a basic outfit with calm colores = black and nude, with a little twist-> A jacket with vertical stripes pattern in dark colores!  <- here you can HYPE my look 🙂

I wear nude pants (from Tamnoon), black flats (from Costa Blanca), black pashmina scarf (from chinatown NYC), jacket (from Crazy line), bracelet (from H&O) and my red amazing shirt (from my mom)

here is a close-up of my jacket:

(pictures taken by Liron Tichon- thanks alot Lironi)


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