(Military) Socks

Combat boots require proper, comfy, warm (and mostly gray) socks- but what you can do with this socks after you finish your army duties??? Usually you just leave them in the bottom of your socks drawer and gradually forget about them…

By now you probably think I’ve gone crazy…well no (at least not yet)- I’m guessing it’s time for some explanation…

As I mentioned before I live in Israel (I actually grow up here) and for those who don’t know: most of the 18 years old boys and girls recruit to serve in the army for 2-3 years of their lives!

As a true patriot my beloved boyfriend did his army services and wore combat  boots for long time- hence he had a lot of gray military socks that are to warm and thick to wear with regular shoes!

So yesterday while looking for some socks I was doing some digging in our joint socks drawer and in a shaken voice asked “ohhh what’s this horrible things doing in our closet?!?!” (of course no answer from the future  accountant- the boyfriend) – so what am I going to do with the socks?

One glance out of the window convinced me there is some hope for this socks=> my feet are going to enjoy some warm moment in those!

My brain wheels started to work and I was thinking really hard of how to wear this socks in a comfy nice outfit…within minuets I had an amazing match – causal, sporty style with some glittery stripes 🙂

So what do you think of this outfit- did it rock the socks or not?

Gray socks (from my boyfriend), sport boots (Sektor town), gray cardigan (from mom), stripe dress (Renuar), scarf (grandma), white tights (some market in Tel Aviv), necklace(daddy got me in Toronto)


what do you think?...

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