Shoe market and the Carmen shoes

Last Friday I attended the “Zugot” event in Tel Aviv (for the Israelis- זוגות)= also means pairs, this event is sort of a shoes and begs sale – important to mention it’s mostly with the participation of  Israeli designers!!!

Most of the shoes and bags that can be found there are handmade- and in most cases made of leather. Obviously a poor student like moi can’t afford this kind of shoes, which is way I was waiting for this sale market!

The rainy morning (yes- out of all warm winter days we have in Israel this one had to be rainy bhh) started with a large breakfast with my dear lovely friend Shiri in our favorite coffee place ENJOY (yep that’s the name), afterwards with cups of coffee in one hand and umbrella in the other we entered the event and felt so excited just from seeing all this shoes!!!

After one round through the booths I turned all my attentions toward my favorite designers- and bought super comfy, beautiful, black oxford shoes that I was craving to get for the last 6 months.

[check on 2 items no.3 and no.5 on my wish list:]

Here some photos from the Imelda booth:

Some more purchases made by Shiri and The best I saved for last– I approached to the booth of an amazing, talented designer  that mostly known for her bags collections and only couple of years ago got in to designing shoes. Her name is Ellen Ruben (you can google her)

I fell in love with all of her shoes but one particular pair got my attention few days before (while surfing her home page). When I asked Ellen if there is stillon pair in my size she told me with a brilliant smile:” the last pair” – I was ecstatic!!!

 Once on my feet  I didn’t want to take them off- by far that was one of my best perches in the last 5 years!!!

Hrer is my Carmen shoes:

Summarizing=> the shoes in the event were in the best quality there is ( because most of them are small designers their collections are exclusive and handmade from the best materials), the items were cheap for such got quality, unique and stunning designs– and it wasn’t crowded at all ( unlike I expected from a sale event to be). I’m already looking forward to the next “Zugot” event!!!

Saturday night my boyfriend’s sister had her 22nd birthday(congrats’ J),  we celebrated with his family at an exclusive chef restaurant in Tel Aviv.

For this occasion I wore a high waisted black shorts, puffed sleeves blouse, a brown leather jacket and my new Carmen shoes- tell me what do you think…


what do you think?...

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