Winter sales!!! Yeha!

More good nice stuff in less money(an important factor to every student who tries to make it in the big cruel world on his/hers on)

So between work and school (the finales are so close), I found the time to go to Super Pharm (the Israeli drag market with a successful, really good beauty department) and looked for something that I need and really think I’ll use (space– another factor I need to consider since I live in one bedroom apartment with the boyfriend)

So I bought:

–  A black dip liner

–  An ever last glitter eyeliner

–  A black polish nail (the pervious is finished!)

–  A blush (you can carry it with you in your purse)

– A PINK polish nail = check on item no. 2  on my wish list (

All products are by Careline– a makeup company I like and use for long time now


what do you think?...

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