Weekend, Sun, boy, girl… talking while walking

Yesterday was a warm lovely Saturday, so the boyfriend and I decided to go for a long, relaxing walk in Ha Yarkon park (huge and amazing park on the Ha Yarkon river in the northern side of Tel Aviv)!

Like us a lot of people noticed the bright sun and like I expected the park was full of families having picnics, couples with their babies (humans and pets such as dogs) and bicyclists!

Because my camera is still dead,  the boy(friend) took some pictures with his Smartphone (thus the pictures are good for a Smartphone quality= so I’m sorry)

I wore:

 Tweed shorts (from H&O),

White tank top (somewhere in Toronto)

Dark blue  cardigan (from Zara)

 Jeffry Campbell wedges

My new satchel bag (eBay)

Brown Belt (from Canada)

Watch (Fossil)

Necklace (hand made from some resort in Canada)

 What do you think about the outfit? 


New Semester, New Bags, New Hair…

I’m back! Today was my last exam for this semester and the next one start in a week or so…(NNNNOOOO!!!!)

My camera is broken (hopefully next week it will come back to life) and my dear photographer (and friend) Liron has exams too- so no pictures this week! But I wanted to share with you my 2 new begs (that I wished for the holydays here https://littledosesofstyle.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/121/ )

The first one is a cross body satchel nude beg with gold clasp that I found in eBay

The second one is a small floral evening bag for my phone, lip-gloss and credit cards when I go party 😉

I hope I’ll be able to take some pictures soon and show you my new hair style…

Have a great weekend and full of inspiration!

Spring Inspiration!!!

Even though there is a storm outside- spring is close and its good to plan ahead!

The upcoming spring-summer season is going to be all about pastel colors (as I like to call them: ice-cream colors) so I made some suggestion for inspiration!

Hope it will help with the outfit planning (and shopping) and that you’ll enjoy it!

(made via Polyvore)


Yesterday I want to lunch with Shiri (one of my best friends in the world), in one of the prettiest cities in Israel- Caesarea!

We had lunch and a walk on the boardwalk of Caesarea’s port – it’s an historical place and I recommend to visit- it absolutely beautiful!!!


I wore my new jagging jeans from Castro with black oxford shoes, white buttons blouse,  gray vast and white cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger.

Flowers on the sweater/dress/trees

This past week the warm winter we enjoyed became colder and colder (so we won’t forget its still winter around here)

I wore my summer chiffon dress with crazy flowers print, a brown flowers sweater, knee high boots and a belt!

Tell me what do you think about the outfit- does the combination work good or do you think it’s a mistake?

Finals and Jeffrey Campbell

The first week of the final exams– very busy, stressful and full of studies= which means no time to take pictures (not even of my new wedges boots).

Last Saturday (right before my first exam this semester) I was on “a girls fun day” with a very good friend –> which also means clothes, shoes and accessories = SHOPPING!!! I found an amazing Jeffrey Campbell wedges boots that I fell in love with…. here some pictures :

On Sunday afternoon I had my first exam (French -the language of love) and wore my new boots (surprisingly very comfortable for high wedges)  after that day I wore them the whole week!!

Here is the outfit I wore on sunday:

nude pants (from Tamnoon), stripes T-shirt and cardigan (from Canada), watch (from Fossil) and the Jeffrey Campbell  boots (Mitham Hatahana-Tel aviv)

GOOD LUCK to all the student with their finals (I hope I’ll have time to post the next few weeks)


Romantic, delicate and colorful ->Flowers!

Any ensemble looks softer when you add them to the outfit. Usually flowers are represent spring but I believe they can work in all the seasons.

Here a floral outfit suggestion and some floral accessories:

(made via Polyvore)

Here is my choice to wear flowers, with my new oxford shoes and velvet jacket

:the shoes