Weekend, Sun, boy, girl… talking while walking

Yesterday was a warm lovely Saturday, so the boyfriend and I decided to go for a long, relaxing walk in Ha Yarkon park (huge and amazing park on the Ha Yarkon river in the northern side of Tel Aviv)!

Like us a lot of people noticed the bright sun and like I expected the park was full of families having picnics, couples with their babies (humans and pets such as dogs) and bicyclists!

Because my camera is still dead,  the boy(friend) took some pictures with his Smartphone (thus the pictures are good for a Smartphone quality= so I’m sorry)

I wore:

 Tweed shorts (from H&O),

White tank top (somewhere in Toronto)

Dark blue  cardigan (from Zara)

 Jeffry Campbell wedges

My new satchel bag (eBay)

Brown Belt (from Canada)

Watch (Fossil)

Necklace (hand made from some resort in Canada)

 What do you think about the outfit? 


One thought on “Weekend, Sun, boy, girl… talking while walking

  1. Hey my dear friend. I really loved your look and the combination of items! I assume that this is the bag you spoke about. It really looks great on you, I love it:)

    P.S: Apparently I can comment here :))


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