Passover, Pastels and Chocolate


Last week we had Passover (and I was a little sick), so I neglected the blog- bad, bad Liana! But during this week I’ll post some outfits from last week! In the mean time here is an outfit from the last day of the holiday, which we spent with some friends in Max Brenner- in this restaurant all the dishes in the menu are made of chocolate= pure Heaven!
I’ll finish the talking for now and let you enjoy the pictures- have fun!

השבוע האחרון חגגנו את פסח (והייתי קצת חולה), מכאן שלא עדכנתי את הבלוג- ליאנה רעה! אך יש לי כמה אאוטפיטים שאני אשמח לחלוק איתכם השבוע! בינתיים את חגיגות סוף החג בילינו עם חברים במקס ברנר- מסעדה שכל המנות בתפריט הן משוקולד= פשוט גן עדן! 

אני אסיים את הדיבורים ופשוט אתן לכם להתענג על התמונות- תבלו!






חולצה מבוטיק קטן בתל אביב / Top from a boutique in Tel Aviv

מכנסיי זארה / Zara trousers

נעלי ג’פרי קמפבל / Jeffrey Campbell wedges

צעיף מטורונטו / scarf from Toronto




Yesterday we celebrated my boyfriend’s 24th b-day (and the last day of the semester).

Because our exams start on the 5th (so sooooon) Alex (the birthday boy) decided we won’t do anything special coz’ he needs every minute to study!

Since I still work on a full time job (brain research ->serious stuff) and my finals start this Sunday, I decided to get us some very very very good lamp hamburgers with fries and Onion rings – in a great, delicious restaurant (north Tel Aviv = you’ll find there only the best).

The birthday cake was:  two handmade mousse cakes from an exclusive top pâtisserie = named Shemo.

We had a romantic dinner with deserts for two long hours (also did some cuddling and some snuggling) before we continued the romance with our studies.

Since I’m a bit too busy and most of the day walk around in my pajamas (it won’t do has a post) I didn’t took any pictures!

In the mean time here some delicious (yami) pictures of the b-day dinner

Happy birthday to my sweetie!! ❤