Shavuot- The White holiday

Shavuot (in Christianity it known as Pentecost)- is the Harvest Festival, which for me symbolizes the arrival of summer! It is customary to wear white and eat all the goods that we harvest- My birthday usually celebrated at the same week as Shavuot So for me this holiday has a great significance: it’s a symbol of a new beginning, a new year and new page in my life!
We spent Shavuot eve with my boyfriend’s parents in Rehovot. His mother, sister and I prepared variety of dishes!

חג השבועות- חג הקציר אשר בשבילי מסמל את בוא הקיץ! נהוג ללבוש בחג זה לבן ולצאת לטבע ולאכול מכל טוב הארץ- לרוב היום הולדת שלי נחגג בסמוך לשבועות לכן מבחינתי חג זה הוא בעל משמעות רבה: הוא סמל להתחלה חדשה, לשנה חדשה לדף חדש ולבן! את ערב החג בילינו אצל ההורים של חבר שלי ברחובות, אימו אחותו ואנוכי הכנו מטעמים לכבוד החג וערכנו שולחן מלא בכל טוב!



My special dessert- It tastes as good as it looks:

הקינוח המיוחד שלי- טעים ויפה

Since its customary to wear white at Shavuot, I always do my best to wear at least one white item to feel more festive!

I wore a floral skirt that symbolizes the spring; with a white top that represents Shavuot and we ate a lot of delicious dishes!

כיוון שנהוג ללבוש לבן בשבועות וכאמור זהו חג שמסמל התחלה חדשה אני תמיד משתדלת ללבוש פריט לבן אחד לפחות כדי להרגיש טהורה וחגיגית יותר! לבשתי חצאית פרחונית שמסמלת את האביב, עם חולצה לבנה שמסמלת את חג השבועות ואכלנו מטעמי חג

Paper Fashion

Today the sun was so bright I decided to walk around Tel Aviv. I started my trip in the Ramat Aviv mall– I didn’t buy anything but I got to see (and photograph) a recycled exhibition show– all the clothes were designed and made from paper. The designs were inspired from different periods in the last century! I won’t waste anymore words and let you see for yourself.

היום החלטתי לטייל לי ברחבי תל אביב והתחלתי בקניון רמת אביב- אומנם לא מצאתי דבר בקניון אבל זכיתי לראות ולצלם תערוכה שכולה על טהרת המחזור- עיצובי בגדים מנייר. נעשו עיצובים בהשראות סגנונות מתקופות שונות במאה האחרונה! אני לא אכביר במילים ואתן לתמונות לדבר בעד עצמן.

From there I continued to walk around the stores in Bazel center– after an hour and half of getting inspired by the fashion that presented there, I decided to head home- all of the sudden I noticed a mannequin wearing a floral skirt that I just couldn’t resist!

Inside the store I found out that the skirt comes in different floral prints and colors- when I decided to buy the skirt in pastel pink with no prints, the saleswoman told me the skirts cost only 12$ each- so I couldn’t help myself and I got 2 of them! Soon I’ll post here a complete outfits with the skirts!

משם המשכתי לטייל והגעתי עד למתח בזל והסתובבתי בין החנויות. אחרי שעה וחצי של טיולים פניתי לכיוון הרכבת לחזור הביתה, כאשר תפסה את עיני חצאית פרחונית על בובת ראווה והייתי חייבת למדוד!

אחרי שגיליתי שהחצאית קיימת במגוון צבעים והדפסים מדדתי כמה וכשהחלטתי לקנות אחת בצבע ורוד פסטלי לכבוד ערב פסח המוכרת סיפרה לי שבשל פתיחת החנות אתמול החצאיות עולות רק 50 שקלים- אז לא התאפקתי וקניתי שתיים– אחת פרחונית והשנייה בורוד אחיד! בקרוב פוסט של החצאיות באאוטפיט שלם!


New Semester, New Bags, New Hair…

I’m back! Today was my last exam for this semester and the next one start in a week or so…(NNNNOOOO!!!!)

My camera is broken (hopefully next week it will come back to life) and my dear photographer (and friend) Liron has exams too- so no pictures this week! But I wanted to share with you my 2 new begs (that I wished for the holydays here )

The first one is a cross body satchel nude beg with gold clasp that I found in eBay

The second one is a small floral evening bag for my phone, lip-gloss and credit cards when I go party 😉

I hope I’ll be able to take some pictures soon and show you my new hair style…

Have a great weekend and full of inspiration!

Autumn prints!

Very popular this season (and happens to be exciting and one of my favourite) is mixing different prints together in one outfit!!!

You can wear different prints toghether and don’t look  trashy as long as you keep it balanced and feel comfortable in it.

It can work by mixing different prints (like polka dots and floral print) or combining items with the same print in different colors, size and shape (like different animal printing or horizontal and vertical striepes)

(made via Polyvore)

My choice of mixing printing was a floral dress, floral scarf with leopard tights

tell me what do you think of this ensemble?

Wish List :)

Even though the holidays are over, I do have some wishes for this new year! I decided to post my wish list for this month and hopefully it will come true soon!

My wish list is quite simple and humble; you don’t need match to make me happy!!!

(made via Polyvore)

1. Leather Satchel Bag (preferable in bright, soft colors) – I was walking in the street when I noticed this bag on a random shoulder (attached to some girl I guess) – from that moment I was hooked!!! I was looking for this kind a bag in the perfect size and color (and price of course) from that quick glance.

2. Pink Polish– as a teenage the color I hated the most was PINK (thanks to the overdose I got from seeing pink on every item my friends had), but now, long time since my teen experiences are over,  I have nice feelings (even some affection) to this color=> time to add it to my life don’t you think?

3. Carmen shoes– last year I discovered an amazing Israeli shoes designer named Ellen Ruben. Her collection is handmade and exclusive (also made form leather), thus it’s expensive (at least to a student that tries to make it in the big world on her own, while the parents on the other side of the globe). I’m dreaming about this shoes for quite some time now and hopefully I will get them by the an end of seasons (maybe-maybe not…we’ll see)

4. Floral Evening Bag – no matter what you wear and where you go- flowers will always match the outfit. I think there is something rather romantic in flowers, right?

5. Black Oxford shoes– almost every woman I know has one pair of oxford shoes- surprisingly I don’t (even though I adore them!) and for the last 6 months I’ve been craving to get one of those shoes (I wish, I wish, I wish!)

I hope by Passover (one of the important jewish holidays) I will get all of the items in my wish list.