Spring Inspiration!!!

Even though there is a storm outside- spring is close and its good to plan ahead!

The upcoming spring-summer season is going to be all about pastel colors (as I like to call them: ice-cream colors) so I made some suggestion for inspiration!

Hope it will help with the outfit planning (and shopping) and that you’ll enjoy it!

(made via Polyvore)


Color Block

It’s the second season in which the COLOR BLOCK  trend is accompanying us, in the summer the bright, neon shiny colors ruled this trend and this winter it’s done with warm, wintery colors like brown, gray or burgundy (it’s also the safest way to wear it and not look like an ice-cream or a clown).

Here 2 suggestions to wear the color block trend in a daily casual look and outgoing (ppppaaarrrtttyy) look. The colors are very 2011-12 -winter Season- mustered, brown, black and turquoise.

(made via Polyvore)

For those who are not sure how to work this trend in the right way=> you can use some accessories in the in the spirit of the color block trend like suggested here:

(made via Polyvore)

I wore a color block dress (blue, gray and black) with gray cardigan, white tights and scarf and blue flats (a present to my 21st b-day from The boyfriend). I added the new thing that’s is seen everywhere now=> buttons shirt with all the buttons done up!!!

So what do you think?

sorry for the bad quality of the pictures- but my camera’s lens is broken and this is the best we could find (a bloody iphone)– thank you Liron for helping me 🙂