Wish List :)

Even though the holidays are over, I do have some wishes for this new year! I decided to post my wish list for this month and hopefully it will come true soon!

My wish list is quite simple and humble; you don’t need match to make me happy!!!

(made via Polyvore)

1. Leather Satchel Bag (preferable in bright, soft colors) – I was walking in the street when I noticed this bag on a random shoulder (attached to some girl I guess) – from that moment I was hooked!!! I was looking for this kind a bag in the perfect size and color (and price of course) from that quick glance.

2. Pink Polish– as a teenage the color I hated the most was PINK (thanks to the overdose I got from seeing pink on every item my friends had), but now, long time since my teen experiences are over,  I have nice feelings (even some affection) to this color=> time to add it to my life don’t you think?

3. Carmen shoes– last year I discovered an amazing Israeli shoes designer named Ellen Ruben. Her collection is handmade and exclusive (also made form leather), thus it’s expensive (at least to a student that tries to make it in the big world on her own, while the parents on the other side of the globe). I’m dreaming about this shoes for quite some time now and hopefully I will get them by the an end of seasons (maybe-maybe not…we’ll see)

4. Floral Evening Bag – no matter what you wear and where you go- flowers will always match the outfit. I think there is something rather romantic in flowers, right?

5. Black Oxford shoes– almost every woman I know has one pair of oxford shoes- surprisingly I don’t (even though I adore them!) and for the last 6 months I’ve been craving to get one of those shoes (I wish, I wish, I wish!)

I hope by Passover (one of the important jewish holidays) I will get all of the items in my wish list.