Color Block

It’s the second season in which the COLOR BLOCK  trend is accompanying us, in the summer the bright, neon shiny colors ruled this trend and this winter it’s done with warm, wintery colors like brown, gray or burgundy (it’s also the safest way to wear it and not look like an ice-cream or a clown).

Here 2 suggestions to wear the color block trend in a daily casual look and outgoing (ppppaaarrrtttyy) look. The colors are very 2011-12 -winter Season- mustered, brown, black and turquoise.

(made via Polyvore)

For those who are not sure how to work this trend in the right way=> you can use some accessories in the in the spirit of the color block trend like suggested here:

(made via Polyvore)

I wore a color block dress (blue, gray and black) with gray cardigan, white tights and scarf and blue flats (a present to my 21st b-day from The boyfriend). I added the new thing that’s is seen everywhere now=> buttons shirt with all the buttons done up!!!

So what do you think?

sorry for the bad quality of the pictures- but my camera’s lens is broken and this is the best we could find (a bloody iphone)– thank you Liron for helping me 🙂


Summer dress/ Winter time

This morning I got inspired by a the black-and-white flowers pattern on a an amazing summer dress that my daddy got me in a small boutique in Canada (no, he wasn’t on a vacation- it’s time to mention my family lives in Canada while I’m here in a small, amazing country called Israel).

Then black- and white it is…I took out my lather high heels sandals (for those who don’t know Israel is a warm country- even in the winter) and started to match some jewelry to the outfit, when my sweet boyfriend (also time to mention I have one of those for the last 6 and half years) announced-it’s going to be a freezing day with some moments of rain according to my smartphone (thank god for inventing smartphones)!

Well it is the middle of the winter, what on earth did I expect, a sunny warm day???- hem hem (some throat clearing)..…YES, I DID!!!

[To be honest they did mentioned something about snow up north and winds here in TLV (also known as Tel Aviv)-] that is a bummer!!!!

Through the window I could see the poor trees swaying from side to side (very violently) because of the strong, upsetting wind=> all my plans to the black-and-white inspiration outfit were gone (along with my smile).

BUT (and this one is a big but) some clouds and wind won’t prevent this need of mine to wear that particular dress!!!

So I got my white long sleeve body suite, black tights (someone once told me the right word is pantyhose…ammm interesting I just thought there are both right only preannounced differently in the States and UK) and a black handmade scarf mom got me!

And VOILA:  I managed to wear summer items in a wintery cold day.

It’s all about doing the right matching and you can wear that summer dress or shoes you like so much even in the winter!!!

Here are two suggestion to wear the same summer dress in different looks:

(made via Polyvore)

Here you can see the finished product- tell me what do you think?..

Summer dress (from a small boutique in Canada-thank you daddy), shoes (Aldo), bodysuite (small store in a small city named Lod), handmade scarf (from my mommy), tights/pantyhose (Golden lady), cardigan (Canada)

[pictures by Liron Tichon]

Bangs and Layers!


 the reason why mixing outfits in the cold season is sooooooo F-U-N!!!

There are few ways to wearing layers this season- it’s all about what you like, what’s the occasion and how daring are you?

  • First– keep up with the TREND

One of the strong trandes this season us printes- so wearing layers of different prints can work amazingly but it’s also very bold

(lookbook by Zara)

  • Secound– RECYCLING (good for the closet and for the wallet)

We all have that drees/skirt that look’s great in the summer and we wish we could wear it now- well we can!!! with the right winter items the summer dress/skirt can look very wintry!

(lookbook by Zara)

  • Third– CASUAL (you can never go wronge with the safe side of it)

Matching some  T-shirts with different sleevs length and different colors, or a tank top with blouse and a jacket all in different length- it’s fun and easy!!!

(my creation made via Polyvore)

I wore layers in a very easy, comfy way- 3 T-shirts in different colors and length with a jacket, jeans and knee high boots

A small new change- I got my bangs cut- I just adore the “Doll face” look…what do you say, suits me or not?

Autumn prints!

Very popular this season (and happens to be exciting and one of my favourite) is mixing different prints together in one outfit!!!

You can wear different prints toghether and don’t look  trashy as long as you keep it balanced and feel comfortable in it.

It can work by mixing different prints (like polka dots and floral print) or combining items with the same print in different colors, size and shape (like different animal printing or horizontal and vertical striepes)

(made via Polyvore)

My choice of mixing printing was a floral dress, floral scarf with leopard tights

tell me what do you think of this ensemble?

Wish List :)

Even though the holidays are over, I do have some wishes for this new year! I decided to post my wish list for this month and hopefully it will come true soon!

My wish list is quite simple and humble; you don’t need match to make me happy!!!

(made via Polyvore)

1. Leather Satchel Bag (preferable in bright, soft colors) – I was walking in the street when I noticed this bag on a random shoulder (attached to some girl I guess) – from that moment I was hooked!!! I was looking for this kind a bag in the perfect size and color (and price of course) from that quick glance.

2. Pink Polish– as a teenage the color I hated the most was PINK (thanks to the overdose I got from seeing pink on every item my friends had), but now, long time since my teen experiences are over,  I have nice feelings (even some affection) to this color=> time to add it to my life don’t you think?

3. Carmen shoes– last year I discovered an amazing Israeli shoes designer named Ellen Ruben. Her collection is handmade and exclusive (also made form leather), thus it’s expensive (at least to a student that tries to make it in the big world on her own, while the parents on the other side of the globe). I’m dreaming about this shoes for quite some time now and hopefully I will get them by the an end of seasons (maybe-maybe not…we’ll see)

4. Floral Evening Bag – no matter what you wear and where you go- flowers will always match the outfit. I think there is something rather romantic in flowers, right?

5. Black Oxford shoes– almost every woman I know has one pair of oxford shoes- surprisingly I don’t (even though I adore them!) and for the last 6 months I’ve been craving to get one of those shoes (I wish, I wish, I wish!)

I hope by Passover (one of the important jewish holidays) I will get all of the items in my wish list.